Inspiration to Train Harder

28 09 2010

A video of Dani Andrada and Chris Sharma getting it on at the worlds hardest climbing area. Andrara’s 5.15b is located in the same crag and is said to be repeated only once (on the first try mind you)… and yes, it’s a confirmed 15b. Now we all have a reason to put down the cheese fries and get to Dallas Rocks.


Bouldering Rating Systems

22 09 2010

A free educational chart for your inquisitive minds.

There are always questions in the gym about the different bouldering ratings in climbing and how they compare with other systems around the world. Print out the chart, keep it handy and amaze your friends with your climbing trivia.

This Saturday

17 09 2010

Listen up Members and Guests! We are throwing a fundraiser for Payton and Samantha, It’s a “Climb-A-Thon” this Saturday September 18th, from 10am-9pm. $15 At the door and a portion of the procedes will go to Dr. Hall and Susie’s Art Cart, Supporting Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital.

We will also be doing a “Lock-In” this Saturday night, from 10pm-7am. $15 In support of Payton and Samantha’s cause. Please come in and and help out this wonderful benefit.

For more information visit Payton and Samantha’s website here.

8705 Preston Wood Dr
McKinney, TX 75070

Bo Knows!

16 09 2010

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Yoga with Bo… Improve your Strength Flexibility and Overall Fitness LISTEN UP CLIMBERS! BO Knows! This class is for everybody trying to get back in shape and better ther climbing ability.

Sign up Starts Today!
Bo practices and teaches Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that links the movement of the pose with the breath. Sun Salutations are always the core of our practice. It is enhanced by multiple working series of poses that will build strength and aide in flexibility. The goal is to create heat, building a sweat to help purify our bodies, while using our minds to find comfort in challenging poses. Calming our minds in this way also helps us quiet our minds’ chatter, reduce stress, and learn how to focus on our internal experiences. Bo breaks down each pose, and offers modifications making it easy to follow and understand. Her classes are suitable for ALL levels!!

For Class information visit ,call (469) 235-7270 Or come in to Dallas rocks and sign up.

Five Ten Demo Happening NOW!!

14 09 2010

We have a Five Ten climbing shoe demo today, starting at 4:00PM. There will be a 10% discount on all purchases made during the demo! Come and test-climb the best in climbing footware goodness.

September Weekly Specials

12 09 2010

Right wing of Gym

– Monday nights: Half off gear rental from 4p-9p
– Thursdays: College night- Half price on Works pass “All Day”
– Friday nights: is Ladies night, ladies get a free day pass from 4p-9p

New Floor!

11 09 2010

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We have installed a new bouldering floor for your soft landing pleasure. Come enjoy the plush padding and climb harder at Dallas Rocks.

“Big Tex” is now back open!